Imaginary Lines & Extremes

Tropic of Cancer | Equator| Atlantic Ocean Tropic of Capricorn | Indian Ocean Tropic of Capricorn | Km Zero Btw Cantabrian Sea and Atlantic Ocean | Extreme Southern Tip of Africa | Extreme Eastern Tip of Africa | Extreme North of United Kingdom | Extreme Southern of United Kingdom| | Extreme Western  of United Kingdom |Extreme Western point of France | Extreme North of Iberian Peninsula | Extreme South of Iberian Peninsula | Highest pub in Africa | Highest point in Iberian Peninsula | Highest Road in Europe | Highest flood point of Victoria Falls

Crossing lines and pushing further to extremes it is always a good feeling on a rider’s life, the meaning is invisible just like the imaginary line, nothing that you feel is physical apart from the tiredness, but when you reach the end of land it is an explosion of adrenaline for the completion and achievement.

João Luís Sousa