Lusitania Tour

After lots of rides you can´t just continue getting to know other countries without knowing your own pretty well. Lusitania Tour was about travelling around Portugal aprox. 3.500 km | 1 National Park | 3 Nature Parks | 1 Ferry | 9 Regions all along the coast back to the interior of the country, back to the coast, through beautiful National park of Gerês, from the southern East Border to the Northern West, from the very tip of Europe to the Inferno Valley along Douro River and all circumnavigation of the border line with Spain from top to bottom. This tour gave me the opportunity to meet new people on the countryside also the villages all along the coast and their unique  gastronomies from each region. Portugal is rather a small country but big in his heart, after all it was my homeland tour.

João Luís Sousa

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