Magazine TREVL – de moto pelo mundo
“Esta consciência faz João Sousa acreditar que está preparado para a próxima aventura”

José Pinheiro

Southern Africa 360º

Article on João´s African expeditions and the next project, a solo expedition to Southern African countries. TREVL Magazine site:

Biker & Bike Magazine
“João’s last trip, to Senegal’s Dakar (yes, that Dakar) has been featured as Bucket List ”

Ian Malone

Bucket List: Dakar

“He does what many of us only dream about – taking time away from the rat race to pursue the long road.” Full article:

Author Archive:

Scottish Biker Magazine
“Circumnavigating Scotland by motorbike was always on João´s dreams”

Ian Stavert


“Yes, I rode it every day in the cold, the snow, the wind and rain. Just like Frank Sinatra´s Song New York, if you can make it in Aberdeen you can make it anywhere!”. Full article on this Highland ride:

BMW Motorcycle Magazine

“Sometimes no amount of planning can prepare you for the wrath of Mother Nature”

Sandy Cohen

Stranded and Alone
 “A cautionary tale when João was stranded for 7 days in Mocuba while crossing Mozambique on the rainy seasons”.