Sahara Desert & Great Atlas

Great Atlas & Ocidental Sahara expedition

10.100 kms | 2 Ferries | 2 Barges| 7 Countries: Portugal | Spain | Gibraltar| Morocco | Western Sahara | Mauritania | Senegal.

Very diverse ride, had to experience Atlas mountain range again but this time full of snow with -0.5Cº and blocked roads to Merzouga, As I was moving south to the desert temperature was rising up to 45Cº so I  just was stripping off along the travel. Spended time and money at Mauritania border, lots of paper work at the customs ended up by arriving to Nouadhibou late at night with no place to sleep, dark city with broken cars on the road, donkey carts, people on the road, goats, cows, chickens, etc…Moving down to Senegal passed the ectic border of Rosso, and that is a lifetime experience for a solo rider. On the way up passed through a desert storm and that sensation of not seeing 3 meters in front of you was a bit of a scary situation, the roads and everything was getting with blasted sand and you could just get lost in the desert has the road was not there in some parts. Sand gets literally everywhere, had the scarf like a Berbere then helmet on, my mouth was crunchy, sand in my ears, sand in the eyes, sand on the key locks of the bike and couldn´t manage to open them. The tires were worn and couldn´t find any for the bike size even on the big cities like Marraquech and Casablanca, just continued riding till Seville to get a new pair without ending up on some Morocan road with burst tires…

João Luís Sousa

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