African Great lakes

African Great Lakes


Distance: 6.000 km | Countries: 4 | Mozambique | Malawi | Tanzania | Uganda | Lake Malawi | Lake Rukwa | Lake Sulunga | Lake Singida | Lake Victoria | Tropic of Capricorn | Equator

Adventure through the African Great Lakes, starting from Maputo, Mozambique and ending in Kampala, Uganda. Traveling through Tropical, Sub-tropical regions, drier weather in the Savannah also low drop temperature in some mountains you will experience a large temperature range and really need to be prepared. Without a compass, no papers maps, no GPS and no Swahili knowledge I didn’t really knew where I was going to but that was the all fun part of it, because it obliged you to interact with the local people. Due to the rainy season I was unable to pass on Great Lake Tanganyika but check this adventure on the next spring edition of the magazine TREVL, de moto pelo mundo 

João Luís Sousa