Gear For Expeditions

General Expedition Gear

2x Tool Bags
1x Keys kit
1x Tyres repair Kit
4x CO2 ampoules
2x Foam cans for tyres punctures
1x Tyre pressure gauge
2x Cans chain lubrificant
1x First Aid kit
1x Waterproof Bag of 49 Liters
1x Waterproof Backpack 15 Liters
1x Waterproof Backpack 6 Liters
1x Gasoline deposit 7 Liters
2x Full synthetic oil bottles
1x Motorbike Cover
1x Set of lights
1x Set of brake pads
1x High visibility vest
2x Waterproof Suites
1x Boots waterproof
1x Snikers


1x Sandals
1x Waterproof gloves
1x Winter gloves
1x Summer gloves
1x Cordura suit
1x Cordura jacket
1x Wind stopper jacket
1x Protection legs
1x Body Armor
1x Tent
2x Sleeping bags
1x Polar blanket
1x Portable chair
1x Inflatable mat
1x Inflatable cushion
2x Microfiber towels
1x Hygiene bag
1x GPS
1x Set of road maps
1x Gopro camera
1x Ion camera for helmet
1x Selfie stick
2x MP3
1x Playing Cards
1x Portable Speaker
2x Flashlights
1x Head lamp
3x Lighters
1x Black tape
1x Pack of plastic straps
1x Swiss knife
1x Bush knife
1x Palaçoulo knife
1x Licor pocket bottle
1x Compass
1x Bottle bag isothermal
2x Nets, elastic bands and straps
1x Rope 10 meters Ø 15mm
1x Rope 10 meters  Ø 3mm
1x Glasses category 3 , 1 and 0.
2x Sunglass
1x Face mask
1x Balaclava
1x Neck scarf
1x Helmet
1x face and lip balm factor 50
3x Isothermal longsleeves shirt
3x Isothermal leggings
2x Cloths
1x Rubber chicken: Jurema, the Huku Rider
10x Cans of Tuna and Sardines
2x Cases for clothes
1x Topcase for gear
2x Crash Bars Bags
1x Waterproof phone cover
1x Chain lock
1x Disk alarm lock
1x Extra set of keys