Here I’m with some young people, responsible for the GHETTO CHARITY FOUNDATION, namely Kaká, Sam and Pius. But this was a different day, a day of celebration in one of the ghettos of Kampala’s urban mesh. Upon arrival, after many labyrinths through the neighborhood, I was accompanied by the team and continued from ditch to ditch until the Ghetto Charity Foundation house where I was welcomed by children singing the Luganda songs they learn in schools. We arrived at the boys’ presentations and “Uncle Joe” (me, the muzungo) was delivering some clothes with the foundation team and in the meantime we all walked through maze after maze to the motorbike where he had stored bags of sweets and lollipops. From then on, everything spiraled into a mini revolution! When the bags of lollipops were revealed in the suitcase it was simply an exploration of euphoria! No one was holding them back anymore! 😀 I was also donating my African equipment to Kaká Marvin, responsible for this non-profit organization. Many adventures were made with this material, more than 20 African countries among many epic and remote locations that leave a lot of memories and that today will have a new legacy! Webale (thank you) to #ghettocharityfoundation and their charitable work in one of the city’s neediest ghettos. ✌️ 🇵🇹 🇺🇬

João Luís Sousa