Since 2015 as ambassador of Nexx Helmets together we have rolled some of this wide world and more years to come!

Nexx Helmets are differentiable, unmistakable and unique material that integrates all the top level international standards. Their motto is Helmets for Life for a good reason, I have been testing various helmets in all type of terrains, weather and elements and one thing you can be sure is that you are safe, light in the head confortable on the neck and fully protected overall. You will feel confidence in every road on every bend on every mountain! This is my experience and the ground that I have been standing throughout all these years of my african path! Nexx helmets have high reviews ratings from moto adventure companies and bike magazines so you just get the best for all elements whatever the directions on your compass! You can visit the official site to check on the new models for all type of riders! #nexxhelmets #helmetsforlife #lovemynexx.

João Luís Sousa