Pearl of Africa Safari

Pearl Of Africa Safari with “On Her Bike


Distance: 1.500 km of dirt & almost roads| Country: Uganda | National Parks: Three | Crater Lakes: Plenty| UNESCO World Heritage Site: One| Crater Lakes of Fort Portal | Kiko Tea State | Kibale National Park| Crater Lakes of Katwe | Queen Elizabeth National Park | Mweya Peninsula | Kazinga Channel | Kasenyi Plains | Kyambura Gorge | Muramagamo Forest | Kigezi Game Reserve |Democratic Republic of Congo Border| Bwindi The Impenetrable Forest | Lake Bunyonyi | Equator Line 0° Latitude

“The Pearl of Africa Safari consisted of a duo ride with the excellent adventure rider “On Her Bike” across the beautiful National Parks of Uganda traveling through Tropical, Sub-tropical regions like Muramagamo, Savanna of the Kasenyi Plains at Queen Elizabeth and the rainforest mountains of Bwindi. The dirt roads weren’t so bad but still had to drop the bike three times and some parts of the bike stayed behind. We got very lucky with the rain where it was holding during the day and just pouring hard at night, specially at the rainforest mountains. This was a great overland experience and even better for having to share it with such a great rider”.

João Luís Sousa