João Sousa

Adventure Rider



Rider: João Sousa

Nationality: Portuguese

Age: 47

Countries: + 50 countries ridden (11 Years living in Africa)

Two wheels enthusiast since tender age, enjoys riding off road and mountain U-roads, nature freak, loves camping, eating tuna and chorizo at peaceful scenarios after long rides, appreciates contact with local people, the feeling that they want to communicate without knowing you, whatever the language, the struggle on first contact  although everyone tries to help you, that really makes your day! While riding alone to the unknown you see a lot of human kindness, even in a remote place you can say that you´re never alone! Human nature really has good karma.


Piaggio Vespa Cosa 125cc (1989)

Honda CB 250cc Super Dream (1978)

Piaggio Vespa PK 50 XL (1990)      | Name: Piki Blu

BMW F 650 GS Yellow (2002)

BMW F 650 GS Metallic Blue (2002) | Name: Mbuti Lilhaza

BMW F 650 GS Twin 800cc (2012)  | Name: Time Machine


Solo Overland Rides

Across Mozambique (3.500 Km)

Southern Europe & Mediterranean Islands (11.000 Km)

Britannia & Europe Southern Peaks (10.300 Km)

Sahara Desert & Great Atlas (10.100 Km)

Lusitania Tour (3.500 Km)

Southern Africa 360° (12.000 Km)

Brexin & Mind The Gap (6.000 Km)

African Great Lakes (6.000 Km)

Pearl of Africa Safari with “On Her Bike” (1.500 Km)

Lockdown19 Ug (3.000 Km)

The Indian Ocean Dhow (4.000 Km)

Saudi Arabia Dakar 2023 (4.000Km)

The Templar Trail (3.000Km)

Vasco da Gama Pillar (6.000Km)

Wild Atlantic Way (5.000km)

One Way Road (No date)

Countries Ridden

Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, England, Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Senegal, Lesotho, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Quatar, Kingdom of Bahrain.


– Isle of Man (UK)

– Ibiza (Spain)

– Mykonos (Greece)

– Sardegna (Italy)

– Corsica (France)

– Grand Canary (Spain)

– Orkney Islands (Scotland, UK)

– Isle of Skye (Scotland, UK)

– Island of Mozambique (Mozambique)

– Ile d’Oleron (France)

– Jersey (England, UK)

– Guernsey (England, UK)

– Zanzibar (Tanzania)

– Island of Bahrain (Baharain)

– Isla de Arousa (Spain)

– Isla de La Tocha (Spain)

– Island of Magaruque (Mozambique)

– Island of Santa Carolina (Mozambique)


Landmarks Reached

Gibraltar – Southern Latitudinal Point of Europe, United Kingdom.

Pico Aneto, Spain – Highest peak in the Spanish Pyrenees mountain range.

Star Mountain, Portugal – Highest Continental mountain in Portugal.

Col de L’Iseran – Highest paved road in the Alps and Europe.

St. Gotthard Pass – Highest and longest tunnel in the Swiss Alps.

Furka Pass -Highest mountain pass in the Swiss Alps.

Cabo Ortegal, Spain – Northern West cape dividing the Cantabric sea and the Atlantic Ocean, known as Km zero.

Estaca de Bares, Spain – Highest Latitudinal Point of Iberian Peninsula.

Dakar, Senegal – Western longitudinal point of Africa.

St. Vicente, Sagres, Portugal – Southern West point of Europe.

John O’Groats, Scotland – Highest Latitudinal point in the United Kingdom.

Western Sahara – Tropic of Cancer, Atlantic Ocean.

Namib Desert – Tropic of Capricorn, Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Agulhas, South Africa – Southern most tip of Africa.

Sani Pass, Lesotho – Highest Pub in Africa.

Massinga, Mozambique – Tropic of Capricorn, Indian Ocean.

Mpigi, Uganda – Equatorial line.

Lizard Point – Southern latitudinal tip of United Kingdom.

Penzance Point – South Western Longitudinal tip of United Kingdom.

Corsen Point – Western longitudinal tip of France.

La Corbière – South Western point of Jersey Island, UK.

Torre Pelosa – North Western point of Sardinia Island, Italy.

Lake Victoria – World’s largest tropical lake, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya.

Mount Elgon – Massive solitary volcanic mountain on the border of Uganda and Kenya.

Timboroa, Kenya – Equator Line.

Maseno, Kenya – Equator Line.

Finisterra, Spain – Western longitudinal point of Spain.

Vasco da Gama Pillar – Eastern Kenya.

Malin Head – Northern Point of Ireland


“Keep on rollin baby, you know what time it is” Limp Bizkit